DISC - Reach your professional and personal goals (RMA in English)


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Judith Lalonde Dionne
Cheffe de clan Montréal et Chargée de projet


15 mars 2022 - 9 h 30


15 mars 2022 - 11 h 30


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Who is C. Rivest: For a long time, I had the impression that I was inadequate because my way of thinking, my motivations and my decision making differed from those of those around me, which for a long time led me into many conflicts.

Thanks to several years of personal development, readings, trainings and personal experiences, I have developed a facility to gain people’s trust, I take things much less personally and it is easier for me to go through with my projects!

Christine is an expert in communication and relationships. She will come and teach you a model to understand human behavior to reach your professional and personal goals.

This model takes the mystery out of predictable human behavior and creates better relationships. Using this model can reduce conflict, improve productivity, relate to others more effectively and take advantage of each other’s strengths by putting them in the right place.

9:30am Welcome and networking
10am Workshop with Christine Rivest


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