How to recycle your content to create new ones


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Judith Lalonde Dionne
Cheffe de clan Montréal et Chargée de projet


16 novembre 2021 - 9 h 30


16 novembre 2021 - 11 h 30


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Creating content is always a challenge because we seem to rapidly reach the bottom of our creativity. There is so much we can communicate about our business and our offers… There isn’t a thousand ways to talk about how our services or products can help others.

I hear ya!

This is a common issue amongst entrepreneurs. We tend to search for innovative ways to stand out from our competitors when the topics we need to address are closer than one could think.
Today I invite you to a new perception.

In this conference, I will show you where to find valuable content within your niche and how to recycle old content into new and update communication.


9h30 Welcome and networking

10h00 Workshop with Caroline Vaillancourt



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